Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Health is Wealth

Posted by Saiful

Every one knows that “Health is Wealth” because we all have an expectation of Good Health. A Good Health is essential for cheerfulness and victory in life.

Without having a Good Health no one can enjoy happiness in life. They face many kind of Mental, Physical odd situation in life.

Sick people enjoying happiness in life and doing good work, this kind of example are few in the world.

So, we should try to be healthy and mentally satisfied all time, but how???

Have we ever thought about our Body? How it works? How God made it? May be the doctors know something, isn’t It?

How much they know? How much they suggest us to do? Is it enough for us to maintain their rules if we want to keep up our health?
I think its enough!
We have to know the Rules and Regulations of the Great Engine (Our body), and must follow those rules strictly for a Good Health.

  • Always eat Healthy and natural food.
  • A Hard Worker / Farmer / Ploughman who works hard, they don’t need exercise, but people like us need exercise most, because we do a lot of mental work everyday.
  • We need to make a habit of regular Walking, Swimming, Riding, get in Outdoor Games, Sports etc.
  • Always we must try to take Fresh Air as much as possible.
  • The room where we live, a plenty of air to breathe and sunlight must be present there.
  • Proper Rest is very much necessary for every one. If we work through whole day without any intervals, The Body Engine will fall.
  • Try to avoid Smoking Habit and Alcohol.
  • Try to lead a tension and nervous free life, though for a human it’s not so easy. Suffering from psychological / mental strain can hardly be found enjoying joyful health. Proper Meditation can be a good solution for mental depression.

    These all are the Basic things we should follow…

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